Blessings and Blogs.

So today I just want to share some really cool stuff with you.First of all, My Best Friend Jen Hatmaker wrote a beautiful post about the adoption camp we attended. It put into words so much more concisely and eloquently than I why adoption camp meant so much to me. I hope that — even if you’re not an adoptive family — you’ll CLICK HERE and read it because it’s important and good stuff.Secondly, I have to share some amazing things that have been happening over here for Baby Boy. As I’ve blogged about in the past, Baby Boy has significant allergies to formula. We have tried dairy and soy — and most recently a hypoallergenic formula — all of which give him severe diarrhea, vomiting, rash and congestion that lasts for days and cause him to lose weight and us to be housebound in an awful sort of way. It is a source of agony for me. A constant worry.

As we’ve tried to ensure growth for Baby Boy, this has been a huge challenge and caused some setbacks early on, when we were still figuring out the allergy situation. He would gain five pounds and then lose two after a bad bout with formula. Eventually, our pediatrician and our family realized formula was not a viable option. Thankfully, we’ve had an amazing community of lactating mamas who are willing to share their goods.I have been feeling a little apprehensive the past few days because I knew that at the end of the week, we would be out of donated milk again. I was bracing myself for another round of illness and possible weight loss (when your baby is barely on the charts for his weight, you don’t like to go there). I was praying that God would provide when my dear friend Mia texted me. She was busy in Helena dealing with adoption paperwork (those were the days — NOT!) and told me there was something for me waiting on her doorstep to pick up. I stopped by and found this:


(Ummm…just the box on her doorstep. Not the baby.)That box was filled with breast milk. Oh the joyful tears and relief I felt all day after it arrived. My friend Mia explains all of the amazing story God orchestrated through her over at her blog that you should CLICK HERE to read because it is beautiful. (How lucky am I to know Mia? When I first met her last fall I knew we would be great friends.)Thank you to everyone who has blessed my son’s health with your generosity, and blessed my mama heart with peace. I am happy to say that today, at our pediatrician’s appointment, Baby Boy was on the growth chart for his weight (55th percentile!!), length (3rd percentile) and head (10th percentile). This is the first time he has been on the charts for all three things. I have felt lighter than air today!I love how Mia put it…that we belong to a sovereign God who chooses to use us. I am so grateful for the many he chose to use as part of our son’s story.



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