Book Review.

Today I’m reviewing a darling book about adoption called ABC, Adoption and Me.

I’m a sucker for ABC books, so an ABC book about adoption? Yes, please!One of the neat things about this book is that it was written by an adoptive mom and her daughter, so the perspective of both adoptive parent and adoptee is weaved carefully into the concepts and language of the book.

Here are a few things I loved about this book:-It builds your adopted child’s self-esteem. The illustrations and concepts all reinforce how much an adopted child is loved and longed for.

-It encourages dialogue. The book doesn’t shy away from tough topics — like an adopted child missing his birth parents or an adopted child wishing his adoptive parents were the ones who had given birth to him. This can be a gateway to your child opening up about topics that may be difficult to broach.

-It provides your child with “adoption vocabulary” — words and terms to use when he is faced with questions from peers about his adoption. It describes and names complex feelings that may be difficult to articulate.

-It is an appropriate book for many ages. While an ABC book may typically lend itself to toddlers or preschool-aged children, this book touches on situations that an adopted child may face during the school years. It’s one to be read throughout your child’s development as I suspect different themes of the book will be meaningful at different times in your child’s life.

You can purchase your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

*Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are mine!

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