A Revealing Conversation.

I forget sometimes how perceptive four-year-olds are. It's not unusual that we are approached when we are out with Baby Boy. Most of the time, people are so incredibly kind and say such nice, heartfelt things that really bless us. Sometimes, though, it can be exhausting and even invasive. When I'm out with friends and involved in conversations, I'm blissfully able to avoid eye contact with those who want to ask questions. When it's just me and the kids, people often -- usually -- approach … [Read more...]

Train Up a Child Month Three: A Food Drive Inspired By Children’s Books

September is Hunger Action Month. Anyone who reads this blog knows that hunger is something that has really impacted our family. Having adopted a baby from Congo who was extremely malnourished, I can attest to the long-lasting developmental and emotional affects that hunger can have.But you don't have to travel to Congo or even Africa to see the affects of hunger. Here in our own backyard, there is an estimated 14.5% of households who are food insecure.For our Train Up A Child Challenge this … [Read more...]

Couple of Things.

So we've been soaking up some time with my mom who is visiting, but wanted to share a couple of things from the week... Many of you have been following Sevarine's story. Just wanted to tell you that last week, this happened:   … [Read more...]

Noonday Guest Post.

Hey peeps!  So I'm really excited to have my dear friend Heidi on the blog today to tell you all about her work at Noonday. We're hosting a show to help benefit my friend Rachelle in bringing home her little boy from the same orphanage where our son spent the first months of his life. Please take a few minutes to read all about this amazing company. You should also know that their stuff is amazing. You will die over the gorgeous, unique jewelry and accessories. But I digress...When … [Read more...]

Six Months Later.

It's officially been six months since the day Joel and Baby Boy stepped off a plane together. I feel like that's a bench mark of sorts, maybe because it required a post-placement visit from our social worker.So here's some updates and things I've learned now that we've reached this tiny little bench mark: … [Read more...]


Since my college years (I'm leaving out high school because I'm still in the process of trying to permanently block it from my memory), God has blessed me with amazing groups of girlfriends.When I moved to Southern California to attend college, I dyed my hair blonde (to fit in) and promptly became friends with a large group of Asian and Middle Eastern girls -- none of whom were blonde. All these girls were petite as could be and smokin' hot, but I couldn't be jealous of them because they were … [Read more...]

Time Flies.

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