Train Up A Child Month 4: Craft Bags for a Children’s Hospital

So this month's inspiration for our service project came from our dear next-door neighbor, who I predict might become my daughter's mother-in-law one day, once Yaya gets over the idea of marrying her brother (our neighbor has three handsome boys, one of whom became Yaya's best friend after she wooed him through the fence with her baritone rendition of "Edelweiss"). Anyways, our neighbor was telling us about how she had recently collected items for a children's hospital. Since Montana isn't home … [Read more...]


So after ten days and 36 hours on the road, we're home! I took the kids to Utah and California to visit family and enjoy some "big city" stuff (I'll share some photos later).But first, I am DYING to tell you about our church experience when we were in Los Angeles. Okay, so I know I speak heresy fellow WELS-ers, but instead of taking my kids to a Lutheran church, I took them to First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME) while we were visiting my brother in Los Angeles. … [Read more...]

Respecting the Rules.

Okay friends...I'm blogging about some heavy stuff tonight. And I hope you will understand that it comes from someone who loves adoption and doesn't want to point fingers or lay blame. Here's the deal: I was not at all surprised when the DGM in Congo announced the suspension of exit letters for up to twelve months. I was unbelievably saddened -- especially for the sister whose side I have been next to for the entire process and have witnessed endure one delay after another. But I was not … [Read more...]

Husband Brag.

I'm going to do a little bragging today.My hubby wrote a book: Pretty cool, huh? That's all. … [Read more...]