Chalk Paint.

I haven’t had much time to form coherent thoughts resembling a blog post over the past week. I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Most of our furniture is comprised of generous hand-me-downs, finds from garage sales or second hand stores and stuff on clearance at World Market for having a giant crack. So it works out well that I just so happen to love the look of painted wood.

My big project this winter is combining the kids’ individual rooms into one room. We’re moderate attachment parent-ers, if you will, and we currently share a room with Baby Boy but don’t co-sleep with him since I’m hugely afraid of rolling over on him in my sleep. He still wakes up about five or six times a night and asks for me, but goes back to sleep easily once he hears my voice. Provided this gets better, we plan to move him into Yaya’s room at the end of the winter, since they both adore each other and nap together anyways — and since there are benefits to siblings sharing a room.

Yaya currently has the bedroom set I had while growing up. It’s got good bones, but the whitewash on it is majorly peeling and I was ready for a change. So after a few weeks of Pinterest and online tutorials, I bought some chalk paint and set out to paint her desk.



After (It helps that I organized the hundreds of books that were overtaking her room…though the color doesn’t come through great in the picture):


I found this old desk at a second hand store for an amazing price:

And attached the hutch from Yaya’s dresser to it to make the two desks look like a not-too-matchy-set:


I still have three more pieces to paint, but now the biggest ones are out of the way.  And Yaya is SO excited to have her brother with her in their bedroom that I’m not sure we’ll be able to hold her off until the end of winter.

And I’m an official Annie Sloane junkie. No cabinet, table or door (yes door!) in our house is safe.


Told you I haven’t formed many thoughts for a blog post….

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