The Lonely.

Yesterday was a day that many Christian churches celebrate as “Orphan Sunday.” It’s a chance to reflect and pray about God’s calling to care for the orphans, a day set aside typically on the first Sunday of November, National Adoption Awareness month. I’m friends with many adoptive mamas on Facebook, and it was beautiful to scroll through my feed and see pictures of adopted children with the Bible passage, “God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6) ascribed to many of them.I came across this passage a lot during our wait, as it is often shared in adoption circles. It is typically shared with the thought that children without families are the “lonely”.

And they are…but when I would read this passage — I thought of myself a lot (I confess this at the risk of sounding selfish, I know). Prior to Baby Boy coming into our lives, I was lonely. I ached for another child. I ached for Yaya to have a sibling. Every time someone shared news her pregnancy or I held a new baby in my arms or the pregnancy test was negative, I was filled with hollowness. And then when we were matched with Baby Boy and began our wait, I ached even more. I would study the pictures of the little boy who was across the world and my arms would literally ache to hold him. It was the WORST feeling.
And now, my heart is full. I’m not saying it’s been easy or perfect or that every moment is filled with smiles and giggles. But….my life is richer. My husband’s life is richer. My daughter’s life is richer. We are so tremendously blessed by the bubbly, resilient little boy who came into our lives through adoption.
Thank you, Jesus, for uniting these two lonely souls. For letting me be a second mother to a beautiful baby. For making us family.

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