Blog Makeover and My Top 10 Favorite Blogs.

Welcome to my new/old blog. My blog has outgrown Weebly and I’ve been thinking for awhile that I needed to switch to a WordPress hosted site. Since I am NOT tech-savvy AT ALL, I basically copied and pasted 128 of my 200 posts from the past year-and-a-half, and then switched the domain over to WordPress. Unfortunately, this means I lost all of my comments and pictures from old posts — but I’ll work on gradually restoring pictures to my most popular posts! 10 great blogs.

All right, with all that mundane stuff out of the way, I want to share some fun things tonight. My friend Mia over at Unto Adoption kindly included me in a list of her ten favorite blogs. I’m joining in on the fun, and want to share my “top ten” with you!

#1 Unto Adoption: Mia’s blog isn’t just one of my favorites because she is one of my favorite people and our daughter’s are real-life besties and our sons are future real-life besties. Mia is a gifted writer, and speaks so poetically in her humorous and heartfelt posts about family life and her China adoption.

#2: Millions of Miles: This fellow Congo Mama’s blog was the first I discovered when we began considering Congo as a place where we might adopt from. She blogged candidly about her experience adopting a toddler from DRC, and recently added to the family fun when she adopted an older Congolese child from a disrupted adoption. Her blog is an excellent resource for adoptive mamas.

#3. Nothing Left to Paint: Another blog that was a great resource for us when we embarked upon adoption, and one I now love re-visiting so I can see pictures of darling Odette, this family’s little girl from Congo. Her blog is, no doubt, going to be more exciting in the next few months as they welcome two more children — a daughter by birth and son through a second Congolese adoption.

#4: Pennies of Time:  This incredible woman, inspired from loss, created a blog all about serving with her children. Her blog — which inspired my own Train Up A Child project— is filled with great ideas and links to many other service-oriented blogs. Be sure to also check out her Facebook page (and see who was featured this past Tuesday!).

#5: Jen Hatmaker: You didn’t think I’d leave out my imaginary BFF, did you? I love Jen Hatmaker because she sheds all pretenses. Her blog is honest and passionate and real. You don’t read it and feel like a smaller, inept mama or wife or Christian who should be doing more. You read it and feel like she is putting her arm around you and building you up and instilling in you a passion for Jesus and your family and adoption and everything else. Can you not see why we’re imaginary best friends?

#6: Rage Against the Minivan: I would read through Kristen Howerton’s blog posts occasionally when they were shared on Facebook, and always loved them. After reading her posts about race during the Trayvon Martin verdict, I became a regular reader. She is filled with all kinds of knowledge and I often find myself thinking thoughts of, “PREACH IT, SISTER!” when I read her wise words.

#7: The Measured Mom: Anna is a real-life friend from our previous home, and the kind of mom I always looked up to. When Yaya was three, I e-mailed her often, asking her for resources to help me teach Yaya to read, since we aren’t doing official “preschool”. When she channeled her teaching/parenting expertise into a blog, I was oh-so-excited to have her knowledge always at my fingertips… and I also knew it would be big (I was right). Her blog is filled with awesome — and free — printables and all kinds of tips and resources for parents who want to help their kids be excited about learning.

#8: Mama Congo: I adore this blog. Filled with stories and insights from Congo — and especially Congolese mothers — it gives me a little peek into my son’s birth country and culture. I’ve printed many of the pictures and posts and put them into a file for him to have, so that he can learn a bit about what life might have been like for his birth family.

#9: Smore Stories: Tara Bradford is also a real life friend and mentor, and the founder of Encompass Orphan Care (the family advocacy adoption group which I am actively involved with and for whom I recently began blogging ). Tara’s blog provides an invaluable perspective both as an adoptee and an adoptive mom. She is one of the most kind and selfless people I know, and her heart comes through in each post.

#10: Walk Slowly Live Wildly: So I kind of want to be Sara. She lives on a farm in the mountains, raises goats and chickens and rocks dread locks. Take out the whole home-birth thing, and she’s living my dream. She doesn’t blog much these days, so I follow her on Instagram and just get jealous over pictures of her colorful rainboots wading through compost at her farm.

How about you — any favorite blogs you’d like to share below? (Please comment, because now that I’ve switched servers and don’t have any blog comments, I feel lonely.)



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  4. miarosebud says:

    Carly, do we need to re-subscribe, then, to continue to get your posts in our inbox?
    And thanks again for the great list and kind words 😉

  5. Do we need to resubscribe to your new site then? And thanks again for the awesome list and kind words 😉

  6. Thank you for this beautiful list of bloggers with a servant heart. And congrats on your move; courage must be one of your super powers!

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