Shop for a Cause!

Last year, as our world was opened through adoption, we began to learn about so many wonderful organizations doing truly amazing things to help people rise above poverty. As we did our shopping for Christmas gifts, it suddenly became very important to us to figure out presents that did more than just provide the receiver with a new shiny object. We sought to purchase gifts that supported adoptive families or vulnerable children.

This year, we’re hoping to do the same. My 4-year-old and I had a fun time searching through Heifer International’s gift catalog yesterday, and deciding whether Grammy would appreciate a water buffalo, flock of chicks or goat being given in her name (she opted for chicks).

I’ve put together a fantastic list over at Encompass’ blog that includes amazing organizations worthy of your holiday dollars. Please go check it out, pin it and share it! You’re sure to find something for everyone– whether you’re looking for your child’s teacher or your other half. And if you haven’t visited Encompass’ blog lately, you’ll have to check out some of their other posts. I’ve been sharing ways to advocate for families and vulnerable children, and also put together a three part series on fundraising for adoption, with helpful tips and a list of adoption grant organizations.

Give with a purpose this Christmas.



  1. […] My love of Noonday is no secret to anyone who knows me. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry with the exception of earrings, and I adore their earrings. Thankfully, I’m part of a fantastic adoption community and get invitations to trunk shows (which also serve as adoption fundraisers) nearly every month, where I get to play dress-up with their beautiful stuff. And did I mention my awesome girlfriend is also a local consultant? She gave me these gorgeous earrings for my birthday — which perfectly entwine my love of bohemian/Western fashion.Noonday also provides a living wage for all of its talented artisans, and gives back to adoptive families — which is why I featured them in my post about shopping for a cause this Christmas. […]

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