Chapter Books for Little Ones


My 4-year-old LOVES to read — and it’s actually one of my favorite things to do with her. Baby Boy is a bundle of activity, but thankfully he naps longer and goes to bed earlier than she does, so we take advantage of this time alone together by cuddling in a cozy corner of her room and reading books on her beanbag.

Since we’re not doing formal preschool, reading is one of the ways I really teach Yaya. I usually start by reading a chapter out loud to her from a chapter book. She will then read a book to me, and we’ll end by reading a picture book together.

Yaya has an excellent attention span, so we were able to begin reading chapter books together before her 4th birthday (my guess is that with Baby Boy, we’ll have to wait until he’s a teenager). Here are some of our favorite reads (this post contains affiliate links).

poppleton1.  Henry And Mudge First BookPoppletonMr. Putter & Tabby Pour the Tea: These books all fall into the “easy” chapter books category. They have colorful pictures on each page and not a lot of text — and you can really read the entire book in one sitting. They were a fantastic way to introduce the concept of chapter books to Yaya, who now enjoys reading them to me.


2.Charlotte’s Web (Trophy Newbery): We found a great large print book with extra illustrations at our library, and had fun watching the classic movie as a reward when we finished it. I loved reading this book again as an adult. I may have cried a bit.

chocolatefactory3.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Yaya loved this book. It is pretty ridiculous, as are the illustrations, and we had some good laughs while reading it.

treehouse4. Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon
We are really enjoying making our way through this fantasy-filled series. Though I do think some of the stuff goes over her head, Yaya often asks what certain words mean, so these books have expanded her vocabulary a bit.

amelia5. Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #1: Amelia Bedelia Means Business: The Amelia Bedelia series just has three chapter books so far, but the text is accompanied by silly doodles and pictures on almost every page, which add to the fun that is Amelia Bedelia.

ivyandbean    7. Ivy & Bean’s Secret Treasure Box (Books 1-3): These are my favorite chapter books that Yaya and I read together. I love tales of friendship, and with illustrations on nearly every page to accompany some good old-fashioned mischief, Yaya is captivated. (Though I will confess that Bean sometimes calls her big sister names that I end up skipping over…)

henryhuggins8. Henry Huggins: With not as many illustrations and longer chapters, I waited to introduce this series to Yaya until just recently; but I’m hoping it will induce a Beverly Cleary love affair. Yaya is an animal lover and very much enjoying the tales of Henry and his dog.

9: Abridged Classics for Kids: We majorly scored at the dollar bin at Target, and picked up a bunch of simplified classics for kids, complete with plenty of illustrations. In our collection so far are The Wizard of Oz, Pollyanna, Peter Pan, Heidi , and Pinnochio. Since all of these books have classic movies based on them, we’ve been enjoying family movie nights upon finishing each one. (I love me some Pollyanna — did anyone else watch that movie endlessly as a child?)

So there you have it — some of our family favorites. What books do you enjoy reading with your little one?



  1. Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews says:

    Those are all great choices. My kids really enjoyed the Magic Tree House books. There was a 3 and a half year age gap and a gender difference between them so finding books to read to both of them has been challenging at times. Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop I’m now following you via Facebook and Pinterest. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that you’ll join us again in the Hop in the new year.

    • Thank you so much Renee! I’ve long been a fan of your blog and what you do there. Happy holidays to you and your family as well!


  1. […] I held a piano recital to raise money for a local charity and shared a list of some of our favorite chapter books. […]

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