Why ‘Frozen’ Rocks.

I took Yaya on a daughter date yesterday to see Disney’s new movie, Frozen. 



It was awesome. Here’s why:

#1. It felt like a musical — like Lion King or Beauty and the Beast kind of Disney movies, where they have some show-stopping songs mixed with some cool chorus songs and fun little duets. And you know me — I love a good musical.


#2. Idina Menzel.idina


I completely love her. Not only was I obsessed with her as Elphaba in Wicked but oh-my-goodness, when she was on Glee and sang “I Dreamed a Dream” and that awesome piano-only version of “Poker Face” with Lea Michele I may have cried a little bit. Oh, and the reason this is relevant is because she is the voice of one of the main characters in Frozen and totally rocked it. And there’s lots of other musical theatre stars in the cast, too, for you fellow drama-geeks.

3. It had a good message. I’ll admit it, I’m kind of over-protective about television and movies that I let Yaya watch. And I get annoyed at some of the messages in kids’ movies. I mean, I love the music in The Little Mermaid, but seriously — it’s about a 16-year-old girls who disobeys her father and GETS MARRIED! At sixteen!!! So I was happy to see them kind of poke fun at some of the cornier fairy-tale ideas in Disney movies past and also give an empowering message about selfless deeds of love — deeds that can exists among family and don’t always have to be between boyfriend or girlfriend. (Or an underage mermaid and her cradle-robbing boyfriend.)



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