Season of Giving: Roundup of Week 2

Have you been keeping up with the Season of Giving: 31 Days of Spreading Joy?Father hands globe ornament to son's hand.

Here’s a roundup of the activities from Week 2:

On Monday, my friend Mia shared a beautiful — and humorous — post about raising cheerful givers, sharing the service activities she and her daughters are participating in this month to spread joy.

On Tuesday, KC EDventures shared twelve fantastic ideas for volunteering as a family over the holidays.

On Wednesday, The Pleasantest Thing provided a children’s craft idea for spreading kindness in the mail.

On Thursday, Sheila at Pennies of Time shared free printables for creating a family fun activity kit centered around acts of kindness.

On Friday, The Pleasantest Thing suggested an act of kindness towards nature — a Thankful Nature Walk!

On Saturday, Kids Stuff World shared helpful hints for spreading joy in your community.

I’m so amazed and inspired by this community of bloggers who have a zeal for serving with their families! Be sure to check out their ideas, and click on the link below to view a collection of family service activities. Share, tweet and pin your favorites!



  1. Wonderful recap, and thanks again for helping make this such a wonder series

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