Adoption Book Reports and A Few Announcements.

One of the blogs that I really enjoy is Mother, Daughter and Son Book Reviews. The website is exactly what it sounds like — a mom and her kiddo(s) reviewing a book!

It inspired me to start a book review type feature of my own — but this one is going to have a theme. I’m calling it Adoption Book Reports and you will be able to read parent-child reviews of books that promote/discuss adoption and/or diversity. We love found that books addressing adoption and issues relevant to adoption through children’s literature have been a great way to address terminology and issues with our little one.

So in order for this whole thing to work, I need your help!  Are you interested in reviewing a book about adoption or diversity with your child?  You DON’T have to be an adoptive family to review a book. I think adoption-related literature is important for ALL kids and families to read so that they are more understanding and compassionate about the ways in which different families are made.

I’m hoping to get this feature going every Tuesday beginning in the new year. If you’re interested, fill out the form at this link. As long as you don’t write anything scandalous, your review will be published in the order in which it was received!

Please share this opportunity with others you think might be interested (remember that they DO NOT have to be adoptive parents!)!


You may have guessed by my website revamp and recent increase in blog posts that I’m also making an effort to expand my blog. If you’re a fan, please share and pin your favorite posts with others! You can also FOLLOW ME on Pinterest and like my recently launched Facebook page. On both sites you’ll find more resources and links to things I’m passionate about — adoption, foster care, parenting and learning at home, to name a few.



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