A Few of My Favorite Things: January Edition.

Here’s some things I’m loving right now….

little j. headbands

IMG_6997So my mom is visiting right now, and came with a bag of these darling headbands she purchased in Utah. She had bought one for Yaya and for me as a gift, and picked up three other colors to have on hand as gifts. I promptly bought the “gifts” from her because I am so in love with them and needed one to match every possible outfit. I am a fan of anything that allows me to pin up my curly hair without having to actually “do” it — especially with a busy toddler who can barely spare five minutes of his craziness to allow me to shower much less run a brush through my hair.  Both my girlfriends ordered some for themselves and their daughters after seeing them, too. Here are Yaya and me modeling ours:IMG_6988 IMG_6989 IMG_6991


I saw this amazing t-shirt on a FB picture from another adoptive mama, and immediately messaged her to find out all about it. Baby Boy is now the proud owner of a crewneck sweatshirt. I also bought the desktop calendar because I just LOVE the photography. Seriously — what an amazing, empowering message.


Eeboo Tell Me A Story – Fairy Tale Mix-Up

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Board games are popular at our house during the winter months, when we can’t be outside as often. Right now, the Fairy Tale Mix-Up Edition of this Eeboo game has been a popular pastime for us. There’s different ways to play this game, but we love just taking turns laying down cards and making up a story. It is HILARIOUS the stuff Yaya comes up with, and we often end up laughing hysterically at one another as we play. I love how it encourages her imagination.




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