Project Gratitude Week 1: A Thank You Note for the President.


Last week I announced our New Year’s resolution to send a thank you note each week for the year 2014. Last week, Yaya worked on her thank you note stationary. She created a pattern with her oil pastels that we had turned into stationary, and printed enough cards to last us for the year.

IMG_7010Today they came in the mail — and she was THRILLED to see her art work turned into a professional looking notecard!

I asked her who she would like to write her first thank you note this week. I told her it could be anyone who she thinks does something important and good, and she could write to tell them thank you for that. I explained that this would make that person feel good.

She said, without hesitation, “President Obama.”

I suppose I shouldn’t be that shocked. When I was five years old I went door to door in my neighborhood, collecting money to save the whales, and then sent the loose change in an envelope to President Bush. (Who had to send it back since the White House can’t accept money — so I turned around and sent it to Greenpeace instead.) Later on in grade school, I sent a letter to President Clinton with PICTURES OF BABIES GLUED TO IT, telling him that he should not be for abortion.

Apparently it runs in the family.

So Yaya sat at her desk and wrote this little note:

IMG_7009 IMG_7008

(Yes — she accidentally added an extra “L” to her name and then rewrote it so “he won’t be confused”.) Her note says:  “Thank you for being a good person and dad.”

So our first thank-you note is on its way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Talk about starting off with a bang!

We are so excited that our Project Gratitude post was featured over at Every Day Family Living as one of her six favorite posts from Family Fun Friday.FeaturedButton

Have a great weekend!

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