Adoption Book Reports: God Found Us You

I’m so excited to share our first review for “Adoption Book Reports”. Our first reviewer is none other than one of my real-life-besties, Mia. Mia is the mother of THREE — two little girls, who are Yaya’s real-life-besties, and a little boy in China, who will hopefully be joining their family this spring! Mia blogs beautifully about her family’s adoption experience over at Unto Adoption.

Mia and her daughters reviewed the book God Found Us You, by Lisa Tawn Bergren.


Summary of book (from Amazon): 

As Little Fox gets ready for bed, Mama Fox tells him the miraculous story of his arrival. First there was the waiting: ‘I’d go up to the cliffs and watch for you,’ Mama Fox tells her child. Then the mother who had Little Fox made the big decision to give him away: ‘I think she prayed like crazy that you would be safe, Little Fox. I think she prayed for me as much as I prayed for her.’ Then, finally, both their prayers were answered, the day God delivered Little Fox to Mama Fox: ‘When God found us you, you made me the happiest mama in the world.’ Lisa Tawn Bergren tells this heartwarming tale with tenderness and a true understanding. Just as How Big Is God captures the immensity of looking at God through a young child’s eyes, this book captures the more intimate, but no less profound, discovery of the blessings that adoption brings to both parent and child.

Here’s what Mia and her girls have to say about the book:

Mama’s Thoughts: This book chokes me up…EVERY time I read it. A tender, sweet profession of an adoptive mom’s deep affection for her son that actually transcends the adoption theme and is relate-able to mothers of any variety. The main theme in her profession of love is affirming how very special/unique her son is, how worth the wait he was, and how God’s timing was best. I also particularly appreciated how they honored birth mom in the text, always a delicate subject. A wonderful addition to any family library!

Oldest Daughter’s Thoughts: I think this book will make brother feel better about his birth mama and know that we waited and waited and waited and waited for him to be in our family.

Youngest Daughter’s Thoughts: I like it. It reminds me of you. It makes me feel happy.

Thanks to Mia and her girls for sharing their thoughts on this sweet book!

Would you like to be a featured reviewer and serve as a resource for other parents? Please consider reviewing an adoption-themed or multicultural book. It’s easy to do! CLICK HERE to see the submission form.




  1. snacksformax says:

    This book reminds me of “I’ll Love You Forever” in that I’m pretty sure I would cry every time I read it! Thanks for joining us at the KLBH. I’m extremely late in my hopping this time. Forgive me, and see you again in the Linky next week!

    • Yes — it is like the adoption version of “Ill Love You Forever” (both which cause me to break down sobbing, too!) 🙂

  2. What a wonderful story to read when Mia’s new son arrives! And beautifully it prepares his siblings! Thanks so much for linking up to the Kid Lit Blog Hop!!

  3. This sounds like a great book! I like that it includes the birth-mom. 🙂

  4. I got sent here by the blog hop. While I’m coming from a different religious perspective, I am a fan of both foxes and books about “unconventional” families. This looks very sweet.

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