Cute Valentines for Non-Crafty Mamas.

You guys, I stink at doing arts and crafts stuff. You know how every kid’s favorite subject at school was art? It was my LEAST favorite. Like, even behind math. I couldn’t cut a straight line if my life depended on it, and I can’t draw at all.

Conversation with Yaya:

Yaya: Mom, draw a horse for me.

(I sketch something on the magna-doodle.)

Me: Here you go.

Yaya: No, a HORSE.

So as you may have guessed, I’m not attempting any of the ridiculously cute, homemade Valentine’s cards that you see on Pinterest and so many of the Mommy Blogs. I’m just not cut out for it (pun intended).

If you’re like me and fully intend to go low maintenance for Valentine’s Day, here’s a few of my favorite options. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Multicultural Valentines:

Little Passports has four fun and free printable Valentines with worldly themes on their website, available for you to download and print (including the one pictured below).

Non-Commercialized Valentines:

Okay, I have a weird thing about all those Valentine cards that are based on television shows or movies. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like our kids are so INUNDATED with that stuff and I’m just over it. So that’s why I love these sweet eeBoo cards that aren’t all about Dora or Disney.61iUdOBqPDL

They have all kinds of themes, including flowers, animals, fairies and robots — plenty to choose from!

Cards that Give Back

Peaceable Kingdom also makes sweet, non-commercial (and very affordable) Valentine cards. Since this is a company that gives back to local and global communities, you can feel extra excited about purchasing their cards! I’m a big fan of their mermaid set, which includes mermaids from a variety of ethnicities, and also like their train Valentines for boys.


Adoption Valentines:

Last year, when we were on the verge of travel to Congo to pick up Baby Boy, we did Congo themed Valentine’s cards (similar to the one pictured below). I love these ones designed by a foster mama. You pay $15 for the digital download and can print as many as you like. She has plenty of other countries available at her Etsy shop — or you can request a custom one!


Personalized Valentine Cards:

My cousin doesn’t send Christmas cards, but instead sends Valentine’s cards each year with pictures of her kiddos. Tiny Prints has super cute options in all different price ranges (sign up for on their e-mail list, since they send out coupon codes ALL the time).vday



  1. I LOVE the adoption Valentines!!!!

  2. Thanks for gathering all these ideas! I especially like the Little Passports one with the I Love You in different languages -cute! And I am totally with you on the whole Dora & Disney Princess thing -why oh why are they so all-pervasive??

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