Learning About France: Activities

This month, we are learning about France at our house.


As I’ve mentioned in past posts, we are subscribers and huge fans of Little Passports, and use their monthly packages and activities as a starting point for our month long focus on a certain country. (This post contains affiliate links.)

This month, Sam and Sofia took their magic scooter to France. Included in this packet was a set of stickers for Yaya’s passport, map and suitcase, a postcard of the Eiffel Tower, along with a set of written learning activities, a toy camera — where she could rotate through pictures of France, and a secret passport code so that allows her to access geography games on Little Passport’s website.

After finding France on our world map and completing the written activities from Little Passports, we did some France-inspired activities of our own!

We made a country flag:IMG_7090

We built an Eiffel Tower out of Legos and blocks.IMG_7087 IMG_7085

And we went on a special outing to a local French bakery for some baguettes, pastries, etc. (for the kids, of course):

IMG_2476 IMG_2471

Check out my Pinterest page, where I’ve pinned several collections of French recipes on my Worldly Foods board.

Be sure to check back next week, when I’ll be sharing an extensive lists of books about France that we’ve been reading this month!



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