Adoption Book Reports: “ABC Adoption and Me”

Hey guys!  I’m super excited to bring you another Adoption Book Report. Today’s book review comes to you from an adoptive mama of three!

This mama and her children reviewed the book ABC Adoption and Me by Gayle H. Swift. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Summary of Book (from Amazon): A book about adoption that celebrates the miracle of family and addresses the difficult issues as well. With charming, exuberant illustrations and a diverse representation of families, ABC, Adoption & Me will warm hearts, deepen understanding of what it means to be an adoptive family and provide teaching moments that bring families closer, connected in truth, compassion, and joy.

Mama’s Thoughts: Delightfully illustrated children’s book that introduces children to many adoption related issues while walking through the alphabet. As you touch on each letter, there is a corresponding adoption related concept opening up the possibility of further exploration of what it means to be adopted or even the feelings that might come up around a child’s adoption story. It is totally age appropriate, culturally diverse, colorful, and for me, shouts out, “Hooray for families brought together through adoption!” Really a lovely little book!

Child’s Thoughts: The drawings of all of the different people were fun to look at. The printing was easy to read and it was fun to read because the colors were bright and cheerful. I liked seeing that there are other families like mine and that some of the thoughts in the book I have actually had. I would come back to this book again and again even though I am now a little older than a young child. I found it very happy about adoption even thought it included some sadder ideas, like wondering abut my birth family. If a book was written about those things, than I guess I am pretty regular person when I think about these things!

Additional information: I am the adoptive mother of three children — two of them grown and one a sophomore in high school. All of these children were exposed to many books relating to adoption when they were little and as they grew up. All three said they liked ABC, Adoption and Me, because of the diversity in the families illustrated. Also, they very much appreciated the space the author created to entertain the harder ideas around adoption — like Z for zig zag — sometimes experiencing zig zag feelings of happy and sad around being adopted. They said that not many books touched on those harder ideas when they were little. It would have made it easier seeing it in a book such as ABC, Adoption & Me.

Thank you so much for this thorough review!

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  1. thanks for sharing this on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I think it’s great that there are so many more books out there tackling the topic of adoption–not just for kids who are adopted, but because their peers may also have questions and it’s a great resource for every parent.

  2. Thanks, Carly for spreading the word. WE love it when kids tell us that ABC presents their complicated feelings in a way that makes them feel normal & which makes it easy for them to talk about it with their families..

  3. Having adopted children too, I like to look at the different adoption books too. Some I’ve liked, some not so much!

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