Hey! I’m Carly.

I’ve always been a writer, and begIMG_1640an this blog when we set out to adopt from the Democratic Republic of Congo. My husband and I are blessed with a 4-year-old daughter by birth (whom I refer to on this blog as “Yaya” — the Lingala word for big sister). We grew our family through adoption after struggling with secondary infertility and in August of 2012, we were matched with our Baby Boy from Congo.

This blog began as a way of sharing about our adoption process, so if you’re an adoptive family you’ll find lots of resources about funding adoption, encouragement for your wait and candid confessions about life after adoption. Occasionally I even get gutsy and touch on deeper topics like respecting country requirements or dealing with issues of race. More personal blog posts that include lots of pictures of our kids are largely password protected and viewable only by family or close friends.

Now that our little guy is home, I’ve broadened this blog to include a little bit of everything. Aside from being an adoptive mama, I’m also a piano teacher — so you may find occasional posts that share ideas about instilling music appreciation in your child.

I’m also passionate about providing lots of learning opportunities for my kids at home. In addition to teaching music, I do a lot of researching and writing for GlobalPost Parenting and The Bump , and sometimes I  share the learning activities I do with my kids. We’ve also taken on a family challenge to participate in one act of service each month, and I enjoy sharing those projects here on our blog.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. I hope you’ll stick around, share your favorite posts and join in on the conversation!



  1. I would like to let you know that I have nominated you for The Most Uplifting Blogger Award as I love and look forward to reading your posts, please see http://jcmorrows.wordpress.com for the details of the award.

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