These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.

Here's some things I'm loving right now... Art by Artistic Adoption Joel bought me a piece by adoptive mom and super talented artist Beth Cupitt last year, and it remains one of my most favorite things in our house. Like the thing I would grab (after the kids, of course) if our house was on fire and we were trying to get out as fast as we could. This year, Beth started doing awesome Christmas pieces. Like these great shepherdess canvasses: She's also doing Nativity canvasses, and I … [Read more...]

Shop for a Cause!

Last year, as our world was opened through adoption, we began to learn about so many wonderful organizations doing truly amazing things to help people rise above poverty. As we did our shopping for Christmas gifts, it suddenly became very important to us to figure out presents that did more than just provide the receiver with a new shiny object. We sought to purchase gifts that supported adoptive families or vulnerable children. This year, we're hoping to do the same. My 4-year-old and I had … [Read more...]

Noonday Guest Post.

Hey peeps!  So I'm really excited to have my dear friend Heidi on the blog today to tell you all about her work at Noonday. We're hosting a show to help benefit my friend Rachelle in bringing home her little boy from the same orphanage where our son spent the first months of his life. Please take a few minutes to read all about this amazing company. You should also know that their stuff is amazing. You will die over the gorgeous, unique jewelry and accessories. But I digress...When … [Read more...]

Funding Adoption.

Want to hear something crazy? Nine months ago, my husband and I decided to adopt. We had no money saved for a journey that we were told would be about $30,000 (and is actually going to end up being more than that...). We had just bought our first house a few months prior and used most of our savings up for our down payment. We both make modest incomes -- Joel as a pastor and me as a very, very part-time piano teacher. Some might have called our decision reckless or foolish (I'm sure, in … [Read more...]

Fundraising is….

On the eve of our big week on Give1Save1 I've been reflecting a lot about fundraising and the big part it has been in our adoption journey. Here are my random musings... Fundraising is... Necessary: Unfortunately we didn't have the needed funds lying around in the bank when we began our adoption journey. It was incredibly scary to take the leap of faith and start the process, but with the encouragement of others who had fundraised for their adoptions, we accepted that this would be part of … [Read more...]

Breaking Our Fundraising Promise…

Sorry....but we have another exciting announcement in the fundraising department....We are going to be the featured family the week of October 29th on Give1Save1! I'll post a little information about the whole amazing premise of the Give1Save1 community, but if you haven't heard of it, you simply must go to their blog.  It is awesome.  And you will need a box of tissues because I guarantee you will be crying the ugly cry as you watch those videos. … [Read more...]

September’s Fundraising Efforts.

September has been a busy month for fundraising, in part because we had a matching grant from Hand in Hand and in part because the largest portion of our expenses were due. Here's a little recap... Bridger Pilates hosted a Give Life Benefit and donated 100% of the raffle proceeds to our matching grand at Hand in Hand. We raised $125 from their kindness and generosity! Stefan Stern played in a piano benefit concert last week, and together with the raffle ticket proceeds we raised almost … [Read more...]

Lots of Updates.

We have lots of news to share about Baby Boy, traveling and our fundraisers... Earlier this week Joel spoke with the DRC coordinator from our agency.  While we didn't get any photo updates like we were hoping, we did at least learn that Baby Boy is doing well, despite a bad diaper rash.  The volunteer who regularly visits the orphanage was able to obtain some diaper cream for him, and we also learned that he has a 2-year old friend who follows him everywhere and hovers around him when he's … [Read more...]


We get asked a lot if we have any news. Not really. There's a familiy traveling right now to pick up their girls from Baby Boy's orphanage.  They have taken him formula that we sent, and we're hoping for some updated pictures.  We may or may not be obsessively checking our e-mail for said pictures. We've assembled our dossier docs and they are in the hands of our case worker, except for our i600a approval from USCIS which will likely come towards the middle or end of the month.  Hoping … [Read more...]

A Grant!

We have some very exciting news to share!  We received an e-mail to day from HandinHand, and they will match up to $4,000 of donations to help us bring home Baby Boy!  This means we could potentially earn $8,000 towards our adoption expenses just in time to pay the remainder of our country fee.  Praise the Lord for his good and gracious timing! They have given us a sample fundraising letter to send out, and we'll also be using this opportunity to match donations received for our piano recital … [Read more...]