Shop for a Cause!

Last year, as our world was opened through adoption, we began to learn about so many wonderful organizations doing truly amazing things to help people rise above poverty. As we did our shopping for Christmas gifts, it suddenly became very important to us to figure out presents that did more than just provide the receiver with a new shiny object. We sought to purchase gifts that supported adoptive families or vulnerable children. This year, we're hoping to do the same. My 4-year-old and I had … [Read more...]

Grant Advice.

A few times a month -- I am contacted by blog readers to ask about agency recommendations, diet advice, etc. But mostly the question I get asked is about grants. They read our post about how we funded our adoption through grants and want to know our "secrets". I was once in your shoes, dear reader. Here I go, trying to pay it forward for the encouragement that was given me as we embarked upon our journey (not that we have any "secrets", but I do have some completely non-expert advice to … [Read more...]

Funding Adoption.

Want to hear something crazy? Nine months ago, my husband and I decided to adopt. We had no money saved for a journey that we were told would be about $30,000 (and is actually going to end up being more than that...). We had just bought our first house a few months prior and used most of our savings up for our down payment. We both make modest incomes -- Joel as a pastor and me as a very, very part-time piano teacher. Some might have called our decision reckless or foolish (I'm sure, in … [Read more...]

Acte, Prayers and Milk.

We received our Acte of Adoption late last night, though it had been issued November 19th. I was really excited, but apparently we also need translations and a passport before we can file our we are now waiting for those. We are hoping to have all the documents in the next week so that we can take the next step. Please pray that these documents come quickly!We had a wonderful interview Monday night for a grant with Katelyn's Fund. Their board called us to do a phone interview and asked … [Read more...]

September’s Fundraising Efforts.

September has been a busy month for fundraising, in part because we had a matching grant from Hand in Hand and in part because the largest portion of our expenses were due. Here's a little recap... Bridger Pilates hosted a Give Life Benefit and donated 100% of the raffle proceeds to our matching grand at Hand in Hand. We raised $125 from their kindness and generosity! Stefan Stern played in a piano benefit concert last week, and together with the raffle ticket proceeds we raised almost … [Read more...]

A Grant!

We have some very exciting news to share!  We received an e-mail to day from HandinHand, and they will match up to $4,000 of donations to help us bring home Baby Boy!  This means we could potentially earn $8,000 towards our adoption expenses just in time to pay the remainder of our country fee.  Praise the Lord for his good and gracious timing! They have given us a sample fundraising letter to send out, and we'll also be using this opportunity to match donations received for our piano recital … [Read more...]

Grant Applications.

One of the things we have been working away at while we wait to hear from our adoption agency regarding homestudy approval is grant applications.  All the grants we are applying for require copies of our homestudy, so once it is sent back to us and we collect the necessary reference letters, we'll be sending in our grant applications.  We wanted to get these applications in early on in the process so that we have a better idea of the overall financial picture of our adoption. Two of the … [Read more...]