Blog Feature and a Year in Review.

I'm honored to tell you that my post about musical activities inspired by the Nutcracker was featured on Family Fun Friday -- chosen from over 200 links shared! Be sure to check out their weekly linkup, filled with fantastic posts from so a great variety of bloggers!A YEAR IN REVIEW:I see these on blogs now and then at the end of the year -- and thought it would be fun to do one here -- especially since 2013 has been a BIG year for our family!JANUARY:I packed Joel's bags for Congo, and got … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Fail. Kind of.

Our family had big plans for Thanksgiving. I've been training to run a Thanksgiving 5k -- which we've always walked in past years. Following our run, we were going to attend a short Thanksgiving worship service that Joel was leaving at a senior living center, and then go to a friend's house to celebrate and eat with some of our dearest, closest friends. I was so excited for ALL of these events, and even more excited that it was Baby Boy's first Thanksgiving -- a holiday I knew he would … [Read more...]

Encouragement from the Other Side.

I've been having one of those weeks where I've been filled with thoughts of, "At this time last year." Maybe it's because of my husband's words about the difficulty in waiting, which were featured last week over at the Lifesong for Orphans blog. Maybe it's because my birthday is this weekend (I'm turning thirty. I don't want to talk about it.) and I'm remembering how sad I was during my birthday last year, when we were just a couple of weeks into our wait to bring home Baby Boy and I felt so … [Read more...]

Homecoming Video.

Any other adoptive moms out there obsessed with watching "Gotcha Day" videos? I totally am. I think they are beautiful treasures, even though they make me cry the ugly cry. Goodness knows I have even subjected Yaya and my poor husband to their fair share of these videos over the past year. I made a sort of homecoming video for Baby Boy -- it's not really a "Gotcha Day" video both since I'm not a huge fan of that term and since it's also more of a keepsake video for Baby Boy that chronicles … [Read more...]

Airport, Part Two.

I never blogged in too much detail about the night at the airport, so here goes....Baby Boy was set to arrive late on the night of March 3rd. We had gone back and forth about whether or not to have an "airport party" since it felt a little show-offy to us (even though I never feel that way about others doing it, but for some reason I worried it would come off that way when we did). But a couple of months before we decided that it might actually be a fun way for Yaya to have the joy of showing … [Read more...]

Nine Months.

Baby Boy is nine months old today.And he's home. … [Read more...]


Thoughts on "seven-until-thirty" from Joel. In seven hours, I'll star a thirty hour, three flight trip with a nine month old. I always figured this is the part  I'd be worried about. (Maybe I should be!). Will he sleep?  Scream?  Bust a diaper on the person next to him? I figured I'd be thinking about all those things, but I can't. Lying next to me on a bed in room 208 of St Annes Procure in Kinshasa, DRC, is my son.  Chirping like a happy little dolphin. So I get to think about other … [Read more...]

Protected: Updates.

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Protected: I FaceTimed with My Son Today.

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Airport: Part One.

These last couple of days have been a beautiful whirlwind.Let me begin by just saying that we have the most amazing friends. One of my adoption sista's dropped off this awesome mom and sister survival kit for the week. What is not pictured is all the toys she brought for Yaya, because Yaya was already busy playing with them in her bedroom. (And yes, I love Nicholas Sparks. I know he is pretty much the King of Cheesy Romance, but if you didn't cry when you saw The Notebook than your heart is made … [Read more...]