Cute Valentines for Non-Crafty Mamas.

You guys, I stink at doing arts and crafts stuff. You know how every kid's favorite subject at school was art? It was my LEAST favorite. Like, even behind math. I couldn't cut a straight line if my life depended on it, and I can't draw at all. Conversation with Yaya: Yaya: Mom, draw a horse for me. (I sketch something on the magna-doodle.) Me: Here you go. Yaya: No, a HORSE. So as you may have guessed, I'm not attempting any of the ridiculously cute, homemade Valentine's cards … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things: January Edition.

Here's some things I'm loving right now.... little j. headbands So my mom is visiting right now, and came with a bag of these darling headbands she purchased in Utah. She had bought one for Yaya and for me as a gift, and picked up three other colors to have on hand as gifts. I promptly bought the "gifts" from her because I am so in love with them and needed one to match every possible outfit. I am a fan of anything that allows me to pin up my curly hair without having to actually "do" it -- … [Read more...]

Sign Up to Review A Book!

Remember a few weeks ago, when I shared a new upcoming feature on the blog? I'm hoping to get it up and running very soon into the New Year, and I've made it super easy to sign up for a book review (no small feat for this technology-challenged blogger)! All you have to do is CLICK HERE, which will direct you to a submission form where you can write your review. (Or, you can go to the homepage of my blog and click the BOOK REVIEW SUBMISSIONS tab.) I've found that as a transracial, … [Read more...]

Raising Kids Who Aren’t Racists.

There are times when I think that our country has come so far. I adopted a child with a completely different color skin than mine who has been embraced by a largely white community. We elected our first African American president. Twice. Way to go us! Not to belittle those milestones, but this week I'm not feeling that way. At all. Maybe it was Megyn Kelly's whole "Santa Clause is white" bit or Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's sickening insinuation in GQ magazine that blacks were … [Read more...]

Adoption Book Reports and A Few Announcements.

One of the blogs that I really enjoy is Mother, Daughter and Son Book Reviews. The website is exactly what it sounds like -- a mom and her kiddo(s) reviewing a book! It inspired me to start a book review type feature of my own -- but this one is going to have a theme. I'm calling it Adoption Book Reports and you will be able to read parent-child reviews of books that promote/discuss adoption and/or diversity. We love found that books addressing adoption and issues relevant to adoption through … [Read more...]

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.

Here's some things I'm loving right now... Art by Artistic Adoption Joel bought me a piece by adoptive mom and super talented artist Beth Cupitt last year, and it remains one of my most favorite things in our house. Like the thing I would grab (after the kids, of course) if our house was on fire and we were trying to get out as fast as we could. This year, Beth started doing awesome Christmas pieces. Like these great shepherdess canvasses: She's also doing Nativity canvasses, and I … [Read more...]

Shop for a Cause!

Last year, as our world was opened through adoption, we began to learn about so many wonderful organizations doing truly amazing things to help people rise above poverty. As we did our shopping for Christmas gifts, it suddenly became very important to us to figure out presents that did more than just provide the receiver with a new shiny object. We sought to purchase gifts that supported adoptive families or vulnerable children. This year, we're hoping to do the same. My 4-year-old and I had … [Read more...]

Noonday Guest Post.

Hey peeps!  So I'm really excited to have my dear friend Heidi on the blog today to tell you all about her work at Noonday. We're hosting a show to help benefit my friend Rachelle in bringing home her little boy from the same orphanage where our son spent the first months of his life. Please take a few minutes to read all about this amazing company. You should also know that their stuff is amazing. You will die over the gorgeous, unique jewelry and accessories. But I digress...When … [Read more...]

Reeds of Hope.

Today I want to talk to you about family reunification and how you can -- and should -- play a small role in it. This isn't going to be a blog about adoption ethics, because I'm hardly the authority on that (though if you do want to read about adoption ethics, I would encourage you to take a look at Jen Hatmaker's excellent series on the topic). I simply want to state this: adoption SHOULD be a last resort. It should be the option for children who do not have birth parents, family, friends, … [Read more...]