Our Adoption Story



  1. lauravickers says:

    Beautiful! Just simply beautiful! Much love to your family!

  2. What a beautiful story! I loved watching this and it gets me so excited for our upcoming adoption. We’re waiting to be matched but are open to transracial adoption so my caseworker says that will probably be what happens–and we couldn’t be more excited. Your family is beautiful and your story is heartwarming. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This brings back the thoughts of my two adoptions and seeing my baby boys for the first time and never wanting to put them down. So happy for you. Your son is beautiful. I’m going to have to look for some current pics now. He is just beautiful, made me tear up.

  4. Valerie D. says:

    Every adoption is an incredible miracle and blessing from The Lord, but that might just be the absolute best adoption video EVAR! I love the music, the pictures, the videos…your son and daughter are both absolutely beyond adorable and my heart rejoices with you…congratulations (albeit a bit late!) many times over!! I need to go rewatch the video now to catch everything I missed because of the tears of joy that blurred my vision the irst time around!

  5. What a beautiful family…..May Almighty God bless your family**

  6. this is the most touching adoption story! I could not help but tear up! Congratulations! He is so adorable!

  7. I LOVE your comment!!! So inspiring.

  8. You all don’t know me so this might seem a bit weird. That said I love your video and will be praying for your sweet little family. I too am an adoptive parent. My husband I and I thought our family was complete with three birth sons but when our oldest son was in the fifth grade he brought home a friend. That friend needed a stable home. He moved in pretty quickly and didn’t move out until he married his sweet wife. He is 28 and a police officer. He loves Jesus and is such a story of hope and grace! More than 10 years later that same birth son was a dean at a week of church camp when he met a 14 year old foster child who was hurting from the pain of knowing that his birth mother had recently given up her parental rights. Our son called me one morning early to tell me his story and to ask me to pray. I called my husband and his response was “Have you called anyone to see if we can get this boy?” And we started the journey to adopt son #5! It took the rest of the summer to get out foster care license and #5 came to his forever family on Labor Day Weekend. He has finished high school and is serving in the US Army. I won’t tell you that there were no struggles because there were some terrific ones but God is good and He sustains and is the giver of Good Things. God bless you. Our family will continue to grow through adoption as our #3 son, a youth minister, and his wife are saving and planning to start the adoption process soon. As yet we have no grandchildren but we trust God has a plan to bless us with a tribe! God bless you and yours!

    • This is not weird! Your story is beautiful and, as Leci said, inspiring! Thank you for sharing here. God bless all of you!

  9. Leci Parker says:

    I found myself weeping tears of joy over this beautiful story! I almost couldnt see the video through the tears. lol

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