Adoptive Families: Dealing with the Questions.

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about things that are often said to adoptive parents, ranging from innocent, well-meaning statements to ones that are downright offensive. But here's the thing -- I can beg on my blog until I'm blue in the face for people to use terms  "biological child" and "birth mom", but the questions and comments will still come, and I have to figure out how to handle my own responses appropriately. While we were in the process to bring Baby Boy home, there was so much … [Read more...]

Finding Joy in the Wait.

I knew the wait for the adoption to be complete would be difficult, but I had no idea how difficult.  Our second child is with me every moment of every day--always in my mind or heart in some way.  I am filled with worry and anxiety about what he/she might currently be suffering and about how soon it will be before this little person can come home to us.But last week as I sat together with my three year old on blanket at the farmer's market as we munched on fresh raspberries, I realized that the … [Read more...]