Learning About France: Book List

I mentioned last week that we're learning about France at our house this month. We've been working our way through the books we've rounded up from our library, and are sharing them with you today! Here is our list of children's books that are either about France or take place in France (this post contains affiliate links): 1. Eiffel Tower (Now That's Big!) by Kate Riggs This book, all about the architecture of the Eiffel Tower, had some great pictures to show the perspective and really allow … [Read more...]

Learning About France: Activities

This month, we are learning about France at our house. As I've mentioned in past posts, we are subscribers and huge fans of Little Passports, and use their monthly packages and activities as a starting point for our month long focus on a certain country. (This post contains affiliate links.) This month, Sam and Sofia took their magic scooter to France. Included in this packet was a set of stickers for Yaya's passport, map and suitcase, a postcard of the Eiffel Tower, along with a set … [Read more...]

Teaching Geography/Social Studies at Home: Japan

I've been making a more concerted effort to do geography and social studies with my [almost five-year-old] daughter at home. We began our focused effort earlier this month, when we studied Brazil through map activities, a worksheet, books and a Brazilian food. This month, we're focusing on Japan! (This post contains affiliate links. I am being compensated for an honest review of the products in this post, and receive a small commission for anything ordered by readers who click the … [Read more...]

Activities Inspired by ‘The Nutcracker’ to Teach Kids About Music.

Last night I took Yaya to The Nutcracker. It's been a favorite December tradition of ours since she was 22 months old: In fact, Yaya is such a huge fan of this ballet (I don't know where she gets it from) that she begged for her 3rd birthday party to be a Nutcracker-themed. I loved The Nutcracker as a child and piano student because "Russian Dance" was so fun to play as fast as possible, Mother Ginger's enormous skirt was fascinating, and getting dressed up to go to the Capitol Theatre in … [Read more...]