Learning About France: Activities

This month, we are learning about France at our house. As I've mentioned in past posts, we are subscribers and huge fans of Little Passports, and use their monthly packages and activities as a starting point for our month long focus on a certain country. (This post contains affiliate links.) This month, Sam and Sofia took their magic scooter to France. Included in this packet was a set of stickers for Yaya's passport, map and suitcase, a postcard of the Eiffel Tower, along with a set … [Read more...]

Toys to Encourage Musical Play.

In all my training as a music teacher, it is often reiterated that music supports all types of learning. Early musical experiences support brain development, promote creativity and nurture the parent-child relationship. Below are my recommendations for some fun musical toys that encourage musical play. To really optimize brain development, it's important that children are allowed to become music MAKERS -- not just passive listeners. You will also notice that my recommendations include … [Read more...]

Taking Your Child to the Symphony: Getting the Most Out of the Experience.

Followers of this blog know that I am a piano teacher, and imparting a love of music to my kids is something I am very passionate about. When I shared ideas for introducing your child to classical music back in August, one of my suggestions was to actually attend symphony performances with your little ones. Our small, arts-loving town has been blessed with an incredible symphony orchestra that offers annual free family concerts. This year will probably be a much different experience with the … [Read more...]