Train Up A Child Challenge: MLK Day of Service

Our MLK Day of Service (and also our January project for our Train Up A Child challenge) was to spread some multicultural literacy love. This week, I'm participating in Multicultural Children's Book Day (check back tomorrow for our book review and kids' activities!). Inspired by what I've learned from sharing in that event, Yaya and I took to our local bookstore to pick up books about Martin Luther King, Jr. and multiculturalism to share. I explained to Yaya that we were going to … [Read more...]

Project Gratitude Week 1: A Thank You Note for the President.

Last week I announced our New Year's resolution to send a thank you note each week for the year 2014. Last week, Yaya worked on her thank you note stationary. She created a pattern with her oil pastels that we had turned into stationary, and printed enough cards to last us for the year. Today they came in the mail -- and she was THRILLED to see her art work turned into a professional looking notecard! I asked her who she would like to write her first thank you note this week. I told her it … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? I kind of do. Since I'm running my first half marathon this summer, one of my resolutions is to run more. This seems only logical. I'm also vowing to live more in the present -- less time on social media and the computer and more time just living fully. I've been thinking a lot about a resolution that would incorporate my kids a bit more -- and one that would help us all to grow. It finally came to me as I sat with Yaya, helping her spell words for … [Read more...]

Season of Giving: Roundup of Week 2

Have you been keeping up with the Season of Giving: 31 Days of Spreading Joy? Here's a roundup of the activities from Week 2: On Monday, my friend Mia shared a beautiful -- and humorous -- post about raising cheerful givers, sharing the service activities she and her daughters are participating in this month to spread joy. On Tuesday, KC EDventures shared twelve fantastic ideas for volunteering as a family over the holidays. On Wednesday, The Pleasantest Thing provided a children's … [Read more...]